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The Edmonton Basketball Association (EBA) is an adult recreation sports league for Edmonton and the Edmonton area. All games are played at the Saville Community Sports Centre in City of Edmonton. Teams in this league vary extremely in skill level (from ex-university/college players to school/community experience). Teams are responsible for forming their own rosters.


Teams wishing to register for the regular season need to come to registration during the summer meeting. The meeting is held on the 2nd floor of the Saville Community Sports Centre in the classrooms near the main gym and will start at 7:00 PM. 

Team representatives need to come with a cheque (no cash or post dated cheques please) with the full amount of the league fee to be considered entry into the current season. As well, teams need to bring in the completed documentation found in the FORMS section. 

For the current league fee, please contact our Executive Director for details. 

Once your team has been confirmed admittance into the league, the team has until the day after the last game of the first seeding round (after your 7th game) to submit an official team roster as well as a waiver form signed by all registered players. 

Practice gyms are optional but due cost extra. Please contact the Executive Director for more information.


The EBA basketball season runs from approximately September to April. Teams are guaranteed 24 games. All games are played at the Saville Community Sports Centre located the the University of Alberta's South Campus near the Foote Field (the Bears' football field).

The first round of games is for SEEDING. This consists of 7 games played against teams in your initially assigned division. Based on this record, a team will either move up, stay or drop down a division or two.

The next round of games is the ROUND ROBIN. In the newly seeded divisions, 14 games are played against teams in your division only.  

The last round of games is the PLAYOFFS. Each division has 2 playoffs (Top 4 and bottom 4). Each playoff has a round robin with the top 2 teams playing in the final.


All teams in the EBA need uniforms with numbers on the front and back. Style and colour are up to the team. Reversible jerseys are recommended in case opposing teams have matching/similar uniforms. Proper jerseys are needed by the start of the regular season or penalities will start being issued if failing to comply. All teams need to have at least one good game ball (size 7 for both men and women) for a game and a working time clock (stop watches are acceptable).

On score sheets, FULL NAMES of players are required. If possible, write names in Alphabetical order for easier administrative purposes. Score sheets need to be submitted by the winning team within 2 business days following the game or can also be placed in the EBA DROP SLOT at the front desk immediately after the game. Fines will be administered if failure to comply.

In the regular season, only players registered on your team roster who have signed a waiver form are permitted to play. An individual may only play on one team in our league. If questions regarding eligibility are brought forward, that player must provide photo identification otherwise that player will be considered ineligible. This needs to be recorded on the score sheet along with contacting the Executive Director.

To be eligible for the regular season, a player must play in at least one seeding round game. To be eligible for playoffs, a player must play in at least 3 games during the season (2 in the regular season).

For more information, please read the league rules and bylaws or contact the league's Executive Director.

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