The Edmonton Basketball League was formed in 1975.  Today the league has expanded to over 150 men's and womon's teams in over 20 divisions. Included in the men’s division is a Masters Division (over 35). Conversely we have on average seven teams per division with over 2000 players registered. We play in all four corners of the city and various high school gyms.

It is our strategy to have a sponsor for each of the various men & women’s Divisions.  If you wish to be a sponsor we would be asking for a contribution of a minimum of $250.00 per year.  With your contribution we would be able to offer teams who finish first in their respective divisions and who eventually win the championship with ‘something’ for their effort and competitive spirit. Some of the ideas we are discussing are:

1.Purchasing a new basketball for teams that win the regular season or playoffs.

2.Purchasing A ball bag, player bags or other Merchandise.

3.If you so wish you could also give the winning teams any advertising items you wish.

4.Purchasing t-shirts for playoff champion with sponsors logo on it. 

The benefits for you: 
1.You will now have access to over 2000 adults. We will encourage our membership to support your place
  of business as much as possible.

2.You will have a Division named after your business/establishment, which will also be on our web site.

3.You can advertise on the website. (We can put your logo on our site, and we can link to your website)

4.A tax-deductible receipt. 

We look forward to your response and to your support of the Edmonton Basketball Association.

You can contact us at 780-438-0890 or email us at
Our League is looking for Division Sponsors

Office: 2307 - 113A Street NW Edmonton, AB | Phone: (780) 438-0890 | Email: