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Over 45 Division:  Cost: $1368.75 (based on 8 teams, full round robin + playoffs) if over charged you will be refunded based on how many teams register & the games played.


Unlimited roster of players over 45 years old as of Dec 31,2014.  All players must be on the roster and carry EBA membership before playing a game.

Players can be added during the season but need to be on the roster and have a EBA membership before their first game.

Under age players (35 years old or older) are allowed but must be on the roster and hold a EBA membership.

*Only one under aged player can be on the court at one time and cannot be on the court for the last two minutes of the 4th quarter. (Exception to the rule can be made at the start of the game if both teams agree).

For more information, contact Doug Zutz at